Real Resources is a Christ-centered, multi-denominational 501(c)3 nonprofit. Founded upon the belief that teens are a vital part of the Church today, and God has uniquely equipped them to live out His love in the world, Real Resources operates a family of ministries—YouthWorks, Youth Specialties, and e625—that draw teens, their families, and church leaders into deeper encounters with God and each other through community service, leadership development, play and worship.

About Real Resources

Equipping Churches for the Mission

Launched in 2012, Real Resources is the name behind some of today’s best-known ministries that have been serving churches for more than 40 years. Home to a family of ministries including YouthWorksYouth Specialties,  and E625. Real Resources’ core purpose is to serve churches by providing Christ-centered resources and experiences for ministry.  Headquartered in Minneapolis, Real Resources is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt Christian faith-based organization.



Life-changing, Christ centered mission trips

YouthWorks has over 20 years of experience leading life-changing, Christ-centered mission trips for youth, churches and families. Each summer, over 25,000 students, adults and families learn from and serve more than 70 communities across North America. While providing lots of affordable options, YouthWorks maintains high quality experiences that broaden perspectives, ignite passions, expose possibilities and inspire pursuits.

Youth Specialties

Equpping and Encouraging Youth Workers

For more than 40 years, Youth Specialties (YS) has served as an international thought leader in Christian youth ministry. Through creating resources and convening youth workers, Youth Specialties encourages and equips local churches to help teenagers follow Jesus. Each year, Youth Specialties serves more than 100,000 youth workers worldwide through training seminars, conventions, books, curriculum and online resources.


equipping the church to reach the next generation


e625 exists to equip the Hispanic Church in resourcing and empowering leaders and families in the spiritual formation of the next generation. Through an incredible array of events, formal training and online and print publications, e625 provides relevant tools and training so that Spanish-speaking 6-25-year-olds around the world can become mature believers in Christ.



Real Resources believes in giving back to the communities and churches we serve. Real Resources serves as the benevolent arm of its ministries by providing grants to YouthWorks community partners and summer staff and by providing event scholarships to participants of all three ministries.


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