Real Resources is a Christ-centered, multi-denominational 501(c)3 nonprofit. Founded upon the belief that teens are a vital part of the Church today, and God has uniquely equipped them to live out His love in the world, Real Resources operates a family of ministries—YouthWorks, e625 and Border Perspective—that draw teens, their families, and church leaders into deeper encounters with God and each other through community service, leadership development, play and worship.

Core Values

We Prioritize Relationships

What we believe and naturally understand:

Every person has an inherent value that is to be celebrated, not exploited. This only happens through relationships that are built to foster an honest and respectful exchange:

You give, I give. You speak, I speak. You listen, I listen.

We naturally build relationships with space for that mutual giving and receiving. We know that we thrive when we feel understood, and we want others to feel that same way when they interact with us. That drives us to look at people differently. It means we want to find friends who might become customers, staff, or partners, and not the other way around. We find success in the depth and authenticity of a relationship, not solely in the value that the relationship can bring to our bottom line. We see relationships holistically, recognizing the connection between the professional, personal, and spiritual aspects of our lives. We know that the richness of our lives and our work will truly be measured by how we share it with others.

How we act:

We invest in authentic and honest relationships with our community partners, churches, organizations, and the teenagers we serve. We choose to see humans, not registrations. We work out our empathy muscles. We hold space for each other because we know our differences, unique perspectives and experiences are a part of the whole image of God who is at work in us all. We work to honor each person as they are now and who they are becoming. We also translate this inward, to our own hearts and minds, and we holistically advocate for ourselves in the same impassioned way we advocate for others.

We Are Self Leaders

What we believe and naturally understand:

We find joy in the process of growth. We see challenges as a chance to learn, not just “win.” We believe accomplishments should be celebrated, and we know that they aren’t a stopping point. They are a milestone to look back on, to remind us how far we’ve come, and an opportunity to imagine what is next. We understand growth is a choice. We care about things that are left undone, and we understand the implications when we choose “good enough” instead of “better.” We believe that choosing to push past limitations, either self-imposed or circumstantial, is an investment in our personal, professional, and spiritual growth.

How we act:

We choose to act without concern for ego or status. We hold ourselves accountable for the problems we choose to ignore. We do not wait for someone else to do something that needs to be done. We commit to excellent work even if no one sees it. We volunteer for the challenge. We say, “Put me in Coach” instead of, “Not my problem.”  We choose to lead regardless of our title or job description. We champion leadership of all types, experience levels, and skillsets. We do not settle. We choose to always be in motion because growth happens along the way.

We Believe Collaboration is the Key to Greater Impact

What we believe and naturally understand:

The strength of our work and the size of our impact is directly connected to the health of our collaborations between our teams and our partners. There is no internal cure for our blind spots. We instinctually reject an ego-driven culture that demands we do it all on our own. We believe the wisdom and skills of our partners help us imagine new opportunities and innovative solutions that were not visible to us before. We understand that we need help, and we know it is a sign of strength to ask for it. We also know how important it is to offer help as much as we ask for it. We see success as a shared goal. We naturally adopt an “all hands on deck” approach to tasks that fall outside of our responsibility because we insist that everyone crosses the finish line together.

How we act:

We seek partnerships with those who share our passion for impacting the next generation, who make us better people, who sharpen our skills, and who hold us accountable to do what we promise. We let this vision for partnerships guide how we address every task, no matter how big or small. It sets the tone for our team meetings, it gives us a reason to tell our story to new potential partners, and it guides how we contract with outside people or organizations to help solve everyday problems.

We See Possibilities

What we believe and naturally understand:

We are compelled to live both in the present moment and the future possibilities. Every issue is an opportunity, and every obstacle is a chance to explore what could be. We are motivated by the potential impact of our work, and that drives us when we face hard tasks. We understand what it means to be people of hope in a world that is not yet what we imagine it can be. When things do not go as planned, we know how to mourn what we lost and dream of something new. We believe in the power of “What if…,” not as a hypothetical or mental exercise, but as a tool to create real and tangible change.

How we act:

We create solutions, we envision opportunities, and we find a way forward. We choose joy in the middle of hard things. We take on the tough questions because we believe they will lead us to the greatest possibilities. We choose to think critically about our work because we imagine all that it can be. We starve pessimism because it hinders forward momentum. We dig up the roots of pride and negativity because there is a bigger mission at stake. We choose to see and invest in all the possibilities within our organization, within each other, and within ourselves.

About Real Resources

Equipping Churches for the Mission

Launched in 2012, Real Resources is the name behind some of today’s best-known ministries that have been serving churches for more than 25 years. Home to a family of ministries including YouthWorksE625 and Border Perspective. Real Resources’ core purpose is to serve churches by providing Christ-centered resources and experiences for ministry.  Headquartered in St. Paul, Real Resources is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt Christian faith-based organization.



Life-changing, Christ centered mission trips

YouthWorks has over 20 years of experience leading life-changing, Christ-centered mission trips for youth, churches and families. Each summer, over 20,000 students, adults and families learn from and serve communities across North America. While providing lots of affordable options, YouthWorks maintains high quality experiences that broaden perspectives, ignite passions, expose possibilities and inspire pursuits.


equipping the church to reach the next generation


e625 exists to equip the Hispanic Church in resourcing and empowering leaders and families in the spiritual formation of the next generation. Through an incredible array of events, formal training and online and print publications, e625 provides relevant tools and training so that Spanish-speaking 6-25-year-olds around the world can become mature believers in Christ.

Border Perspective

Service Learning Experiences Along the Southern Border


Border Perspective equips leaders, advocates for biblical justice and mobilizes the church into action. Our service-learning trips are immersive, educational, and will intentionally place you into the lives of immigrant leaders serving families on the U.S. and Mexico border. Our border trips help uncouple a very polarizing topic and focus on the work that God is doing to care for an incredibly marginalized population.

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